SIRIUN ALCHEMY LEVEL 1 - Journey to Goddess Isis

27th - 28th July
Gawler Community House, 2 Scheibener Terrace, Gawler SA 5118

12th - 13th October
Heart To Heart Centre, Lawrence House, 142 Monaro Street Queanbeyan

16th - 17th November
Venue to be advised

10am – 6pm

This two day workshop is packed with divine goddess energy and frequency from the star of Sirius, where you journey to meet with the Divine Goddess Isis and awaken your memories of her and her magical mysteries. You will explore your connection with Nuit and Geb the mother and father of Goddess Isis, Ra, Horus and many more wonderful gods and goddesses.

Once initiated you will be able to use this beautiful healing frequency in your energy healings, creating profound change in yourself and your client. This divine frequency is full of divine love and can be used in conjunction with any modality creating a highly effective healing for your client.

As well as learning the theory and techniques, Samantha creates a safe and protected space for you to heal and connect on a deeper level to Goddess Isis, and other ancient deities, allowing you to release what no longer serves you and make space for divine energies to reconnect with you.

If you wish to reconnect and awaken your Ancient Egyptian knowledge and Siriun Frequency come along and explore your connection in a safe and loving space.

SIRIUN ALCHEMY LEVEL 2 - Journey to Goddess Sekhmet

14th - 15th September
Gawler Community House, 2 Scheibener Terrace, Gawler SA 5118
10am – 6pm

SIRIUN ALCHEMY LEVEL 3 - Journey to Goddess Anubis

4th - 5th May, 2019
Heart 2 Heart Centre, Lawrence House, 142 Monaro St, Queanbeyan
10am – 6pm


Sirian Alchemy is a reawakening and remembering of ancient Egyptian practices and Sirian energy in all its forms. As it is a powerful frequency it is split into three levels allow you integrate your initiations and form a bond with the deities that come forward to reconnect with you.

It is split into three levels:

Level I – Journey to Goddess Isis is your first initiation to the divine Sirian frequency and a reconnection to Goddess Isis blue divine energy, it aids with chronic conditions, health concerns, many physical alignments as well as awakening your psychic abilities and your 13 strand DNA ready for you to activate and use at your own free will.

Level II - Journey to Sekhmet Journey to Goddess Sekhmet and Goddess Maat as we journey through our Karmic Path releasing any Karma from this life and past lives that we have had, there are initiations along the way with the Goddesses we continue to work with the siriun energy and will have another mediation with this energy also

Level III Journey to Anubis Journey to Anubis as we focus on Soul Retrieval collecting fragments of our souls that we have lost along the way through this life time and past lifetimes, continue to learn and work with the system as we learn the Soul Retrieval process, once you have completed this course you become an initiate of Siriun Alchemy

There will be case studies and healings to do after all three courses which will qualify you to become an Initiate of Siriun Alchemy.

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For all bookings please contact Samantha on 0415 797 189 or email here