I am a qualified and accredited Practitioner of Crystal Awakening. I am also an accredited Facilitator for the Academy of Crystal Awakening.

I have studied and worked with Crystals for several years. I purchased what was pretty and what I was drawn to. Over time my collection has evolved and expanded as I started to understand the healing properties and magical gift Mother Earth has created. Little did I know it would become an integral part of my healing.

There is a crystal for every ailment and condition, so whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, there is always a crystal to assist.

Crystals amplify the healing energies, properties and medicine, crystals will call to you as you evolve and your vibration lifts, whether it is the colour, the shape or the energy, they will eventually help you. Crystals are amazing for balancing chakras. Chakras, cells and DNA respond to the vibration and healing energies of Crystals.

I have received and given profound healings with the assistance of Crystals and I look forward to helping you on your awakening and journey with the Crystal Kingdom.

Some Crystal balances I offer:-

  • Chakra Balance and Clearing
  • Pendulum Balancing
  • Past Life Journeys
  • Soul Retrieval and Emotional Release
  • Crystal Healings
  • Inner Child
  • Heart Expansion
  • Distance Healing with Crystals
  • Crystal Oracle Healings
  • Working with a Pendulum
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grid work with Crystals
  • Crystal Essences

“I want to thank Samantha for all the healing that she has done with my son. He feels so comfortable with Sam and always asks when can I see Samantha for another healing. Thank you Sam for always being there for him in all the hard times and the good. I know you have spend many a times talking to him and supporting him in the times he has needed you. Words can not thank you enough. Thank you a million times over. Paula Darch I must say i had a healing massage on monday by the wonderful sam and i have never felt more calm, peaceful and happy in my life i truely believe this is down to her magic hands and positivity I will be having another to keep working on myself but the results so far are amazing , anyone who wants to release the stress, tension and negativity from there mind body and soul please go see the beautiful Sam
Laura Christall

“I first met Samantha about 8 or 9 years ago, I had booked in to have a reading which I was very sceptical about, but my housemate at the time kept on reassuring me it was definetly worth my time. The reading went very well to my surprise and by the end of it I was no longer sceptical. We chatted for a while after the reading and Samantha told me about healings and higher energies and working with crystals and I was a little interested so I thought I would book myself in for a healing and see what it was all about.

The healing was amazing. I felt as light as a feather afterwards. I was dealing was a lot of personal issues at the time and it was the first time in a long time I felt a big weight of my shoulders and I felt confident in myself.

Over the years I have continued working on myself with Samanthas guidence. I have attended and completed spiritual courses of hers learning to work with higher energies, learning how to heal myself and others with crystals and other spiritual tools.

I will forever be greatful for crossing paths with Samantha in this life as she has shown me how to see the light in my life and how to heal and be happy and free. I will continue working with her for as long as I can because you can never stop learning to work with your higherself. I couldn’t recommend Samantha highly enough, doesnt matter where you feel you are in life working with the energies and the higherself is worth every bit of your time and with Samantha’s guidance your in for a beautiful journey. Thankyou Samantha.”

“I recently had an Isis Healing Session with Samantha at Samantha’s Soul Healing and loved it. I chose to try this type of energy healing because it was recommended for anyone suffering from back problems and also because I have a strong resonance with the Goddess Isis and Ancient Egypt.

Samantha is very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable on the treatment table. I almost instantly dropped into a relaxed state and could feel the loving and warm healing energies coming thru. Upon completion of the session my back and in myself as a whole I felt a lot lighter.

Over the following few weeks my back felt much better, and I noticed I had much better flexibility than normal. I have already booked my next session and would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone considering it.”
Danie – Casino NSW