About Samantha

Samantha is a highly skilled energy healing, medium and guide with a deep understanding and knowledge of Ancient Egyptian energy, Crystal Awakening, Crystal Shamanism, Angel Miracle and Divination to name a few modalities.

She shares her knowledge openly in a safe and loving space, guiding you to connect and awaken your deep and ancient knowing.

Samantha has travelled extensively overseas and taught her workshops all around Australia. She is a soul filled with divine love, compassion and truth, ready to help all who come to her.

Samantha entered this world psychically aware and fully connected to source, and honed her skills, knowledge and gifts at a very young age being fortunate enough to have some wonderful teachers and mentors who have helped her along her way.

Samantha's workshops are filled with divine a delicious energy from the angelic, crystal and galactic realms. She is ready and willing to show you the way, all that is waiting is for you to walk forward and open the door.


Gawler Psychic Fair 9th & 10th February 2019
Readings available at the Fair.

SIRIUN ALCHEMY LEVEL 1 - Journey to Goddess Isis

Gawler SA - 9th - 10th March 2019
Gawler Healing Arts Hub, 61 Murray Street, Gawler SA
10am – 6pm

This two day workshop is packed with divine goddess energy and frequency from the star of Sirius, where you journey to meet with the Divine Goddess Isis and awaken your memories of her and her magical mysteries. You will explore your connection with Nuit and Geb the mother and father of Goddess Isis, Ra, Horus and many more wonderful gods and goddesses.

Once initiated you will be able to use this beautiful healing frequency in your energy healings, creating profound change in yourself and your client. This divine frequency is full of divine love and can be used in conjunction with any modality creating a highly effective healing for your client.

As well as learning the theory and techniques, Samantha creates a safe and protected space for you to heal and connect on a deeper level to Goddess Isis, and other ancient deities, allowing you to release what no longer serves you and make space for divine energies to reconnect with you.

If you wish to reconnect and awaken your Ancient Egyptian knowledge and Siriun Frequency come along and explore your connection in a safe and loving space.